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Tachyon Project, A Shmup In Which Time Is Your Health


Eclipse Games has brought its time-is-health twin-stick shooter Tachyon Project to PlayStation 4. It was released for Xbox One and PC (via Steam) last year. There are also plans to bring it to Wii U.


Tachyon Project turns the time ticking down on the clock into your health. You can get more time by killing enemies. This means that it can be best to play aggressively if you want to survive longer (and you will want to).


There’s an even riskier way to gain back time, too. Use can use the devastating secondary weapons, which are usually more effective in clearing out groups of enemies, but doing so consumes some of your time. It’s a case of having to spend some time to earn it back, or so you hope.


Tachyon Project also provides a variety of challenges, from stealth levels to all-out wars, and so you’ll want to configure your ship to deal with each one. Try out a variety of weapons and power-ups to do so, including slowing down time, mines, and the ridiculous Frenzy weapon.

Chris Priestman