Tactical Card Battler Mabinogi Duel Announced For Mobile, Closed Beta Sign-Ups Open Now



NEXON Korea has announced that it’ll be publishing turn-based tactical card battler Mabinogi Duel for iOS and Android. It will be launched this May.


It’s to feature head-to-head card battles, online card trading, and a single-player campaign that will have ties to NEXON’s MMOs Mabinogi and Vindictus. There will be over 1,000 cards to collect and battle that feature Mabinogi’s recognizable cast of elves, goblins, warriors, and witches. It also has a feature that lets you trade cards with nearby players over mobile using Wi-Fi.


Interestingly, there will be no draws in Mabinogi Duel – there will always be a loser. So you’ll need to ensure you build a tight deck before heading into each battle if you want to ensure a win. Dong-Gun Kim, the director of developer devCAT, compared Mabinogi Duel to Blizzard’s popular tactical card battler Hearthstone. In that game, draw matches end up with both players being considered losers.



In addition to the announcement, NEXON Korea has opened up sign-ups for the closed beta of Mabinogi Duel for Android players in Europe and North America. Head over to its website to register, and you’ll get the chance to win in-game prizes including in-game currency worth up to six booster card packs. The closed beta will run from March 24th until April 1st.


Once Mabinogi Duel is launched, the plan is to issue regular post-launch content updates known as “Generations.” These will continuously bulk out the single-player campaign and add more playable cards.

Chris Priestman