TinyBuild Games has teamed up with Pinokl Games to bring a full version of its “mass murder simulator” Party Hard to Steam, iOS, and Android.


Party Hard started out life as an entry to the Global Game Jam made in just 48 hours. You can still play this prototype for free in your browser on Game Jolt. In it, you play a neighbour who is fed up of the loud music being played next door late into the night. So, rather than calling the cops, you decide to head over there and, erm, murder everyone.


However, this is a stealth game, which means you need to ensure that you aren’t seen killing anyone or, indeed, that any evidence can be traced back to you. So you need to kill people while they’re alone with you in rooms, or set up your murders to look like accidents. And if someone does call the cops then you can blend in with the party-goers by pulling some moves on the dance floor.


The full version of Party Hard will feature procedurally generated environments for you to tactically murder people in. The concept is the same, then, just expanded. You can find out more about it on its website.

Chris Priestman

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