Mercs. You can never trust them. They’ll turn traitor the moment they get a better offer, or turn tail when the going gets tough. Nonetheless, they’re useful, which is why Singapore developer Witching Hour Studio’s Ravenmark: Mercenaries is such a bloody good, hardcore strategy tactical turn-based RPG. They’ve brought word that the free-to-play smartphone game, which released a while back on iOS, is getting its Android release December 3rd.


For those who aren’t sure what the game’s about, Ravenmark is a deep and defined tactics game a lot of people compare favorably to some of the more hardcore titles in the genre such as Fire Emblem. Set in the world of Eclisse, the war still rages on between three nations.


As a mercenary captain, you’re working for whoever the hell you want, when you want, during single-player mode. The game has seriously hardcore roots such as Zones of Control—what areas around a unit that an enemy would be foolish to either walk into blindly or try to escape through—and a “We Go” phase system that has both sides plan their moves and then hit send, rather than each side taking their own turns.


If you do prefer that sort of genteel and refined manner of sitting around waiting for each other to move, there is still that with asynchronous play. Mercenaries also has an Advisor system where special Advisor units provide bonus buffs and an Arena mode as well.


For those looking for a more tactical and hardcore kind of game-on-the-go, check it out. Ravenmark: Mercernaries is out now on iOS and December 3 for Android.


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