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Have Fairy Tail: Zeref Awakens? Get Passwords For Jellal And More Missions Here

By Spencer . April 18, 2012 . 3:31pm

Passwords unlock extra characters like Jellal Fernandes, Meredy, and a mission on Galuna Island.

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The Four Types Of Fighters In Fairy Tail: Zeref Awakens

By Spencer . February 21, 2012 . 5:13pm

Fairy Tail: Zeref Awakens, a hunting style action game with ad-hoc multiplayer, breaks the 45 playable characters down into four categories.

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First Video Of Fairy Tail: Zeref Awakens

By Spencer . January 29, 2012 . 10:48pm

Konami is continuing their Monster Hunter style Fairy Tail games with Fairy Tail: Zeref Awakens. In this game you can choose one of 45 characters and pummel your way through three manga arcs.

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Fairy Tail: Zeref Awakens Covers Three Manga Arcs With 45 Characters

By Spencer . January 20, 2012 . 3:39pm

More details about Fairy Tail: Zeref Awakens slipped out thanks to a retail leak.

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Fairy Tail: Zeref Awakens Wakes Up In March

By Spencer . January 20, 2012 . 12:50am

Fairy Tail: Zeref Awakens, the third Fairy Tail game for PSP and fifth video game based on the popular shonen series, comes out on March 22.

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Hiro Mashima Made New Characters For Konami’s PSP Fairy Tail Game

By Spencer . December 26, 2011 . 3:21pm

Fairy Tail: Zeref Awakens, the third PSP game with Natsu and his guildmates, has original characters drawn by series artist Hiro Mashima.

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First Look At Fairy Tail: Zeref Awakens

By Spencer . October 25, 2011 . 11:31pm

Fairy Tail: Zeref Awakens will be Konami’s third Fairy Tail game for PSP. The publisher unveiled the title today with a few tidbits.

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New Fairy Tail Game For PSP Goes All The Way Up To Zeref’s Awakening

By Spencer . October 24, 2011 . 11:55pm

Konami is working on their third Fairy Tail game and this title goes further in the manga series.

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