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Lightning Shows Her Soft Side In Itadaki Street Mobile

By Spencer . May 23, 2010 . 2:59am

Lightning, the cold and hardened heroine of Final Fantasy XIII, was redrawn into a cutesy board game piece for Final Fantasy in Itadaki Street Mobile.

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Picking a handheld Itadaki Street

By Jenni . May 20, 2008 . 2:01pm

While the Itadaki Street games are all practically identical in terms of gameplay, that doesn’t mean that each game is identical. Each features different aspects to create unique playing experiences. The two portable Itadaki Street games, Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy in Itadaki Street Portable and Itadaki Street DS, are a great example of this. Each title seems to be geared towards a different audiences, despite being similar games.

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How to get to Itadaki Street Portable

By Jenni . April 30, 2008 . 12:47pm

Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy in Itadaki Street Portable is a lot like a Square Enix themed game of Monopoly. The goal is to buy properties on certain colored streets and make a lot of money. If you happen to own all, or most, of the properties on say, the yellow street, you’ll be able to upgrade the shops on each property and make more money. Isn’t capitalism great?

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See you next year, Itadaki Street DS?

By Spencer . November 5, 2007 . 3:28pm

Surfer Girl, the internet’s enigmatic insider(?), has stirred up plenty of discussion with rumors about Beyond Good & Evil 2 and games that never saw the light of day. Her information is yet to be proven, but it’s quite tantalizing to read.   Now she has a rumor about Itadaki Street DS and in her […]

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Itadaki Street hits mobile phones

By Spencer . September 18, 2007 . 4:21am

After the relatively successful Itadaki Street DS, Square-Enix’s take on monopoly is rapidly moving out of obscurity. Its next stop is on a cell phone near you. In October, Square-Enix is going to release Itadaki Street Mobile, a trimmed down version of their business oriented board game. A demo is out today with one board, […]

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