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Watch out SingStar, the Xbox 360 has SuperStar

By Spencer . March 20, 2008 . 2:26am

I mentioned Studio9 was working on an Xbox 360 karaoke game sometime last year. Now that the first Korean 360 exclusive is out in the home of bibimbap we have a much better look at Superstar. First impressions? It looks a lot like SingStar with K-Pop.   As seen in this trailer you pick a […]

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Singstar bundled with PS2s, will casual gamers bite?

By Spencer . August 29, 2007 . 12:15pm

Millions of people already have Playstation 2s, but Sony plans to sell more with a package geared towards the casual gamer. The Singstar PS2 bundle comes with a ceramic white slim PS2, one controller, Singstar Pop and two USB microphones. The price is fairly competitive too; it’s only $20 more than a standalone PS2 at […]

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Songs in SingStar Pop USA

By Spencer . February 22, 2007 . 3:45pm

Sony is releasing another SingStar game in April 3rd, SingStar Pop and it brings together a bunch of American pop songs packaged with music videos. Here’s what is coming on the new release:   3 Doors Down – "Kryptonite" A-Ha – "Take On Me" Alicia Keys – "Fallin’" All American Rejects – "Move Along" Ashlee […]