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Undead Knights: Zombie Rush

By Spencer . October 6, 2009 . 12:22am

Tecmo began work on Undead Knights before they merged with Koei and yet its an epitome of Tecmo Koei title. Undead Knights takes Dynasty Warriors’ formula and adds zombies to make it, like most Tecmo action games, over-the-top.

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Undead Knights Unburied In October

By Spencer . July 10, 2009 . 12:55pm

Undead Knights is an unusual crossover between Dynasty Warriors and Pikmin, if the latter had zombies instead of walking plants. In addition to attacking their former allies, zombies are used for light puzzle solving.

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Undead Knights: Tactical Action That Craves Brains

By Spencer . June 10, 2009 . 10:52am

Even though Tecmo announced Undead Knights before their merger with Koei, the PSP game feels like the unholy zombie child Dynasty Warriors of Pikmin.

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Two Tecmo TGS Titles Confirmed For North America

By Spencer . May 15, 2009 . 5:33pm

At Tokyo Game Show Tecmo introduced Quantum Theory, a Gears of War style FPS, and Undead Knights, a game that has players convert enemies into allied zombies. Tecmo USA has plans to publish both games.