Taiko Drum Master RPG Is An Unholy Combination Of Taiko, Pachinko And Luck



We’d all be lying if we said we didn’t see this coming. The Taiko Drum Master series is headed to mobile with Taiko Drum Master: RPG Daton, and it’s cramming in taiko drumming, pachinko slot machines and RPG-style characters into the entire game.



The main part of the game will see players form a party of characters who are out on a quest to save the world. Battles take place by dropping pachinko balls into the machine. As they land into character slots, they’ll slowly power them up and then perform attacks against foes.


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There are pins along the route which can change the course of the balls, and some of these pins will help powerup special abilities, heal you and more.


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Certain effects and skills will require you to bust out the taiko drum though, hitting the touch screen in time with the music in more familiar Taiko Drum Master-style forms. Others will pop up a slot-machine for semi-random effects.


You can buy more characters, level them up and take them on more dangerous adventures.


Taiko Drum Master: RPG Daton is out now on iOS.