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Taiko no Tatsujin Trailer Teaches How To Properly Hit Imaginary Taiko Drums On Switch



Taiko no Tatsujin releases on Nintendo Switch today in Japan and there’s a good chance it’ll hit the West. Here’s a new video that explains how to hit the taiko drums on Switch with Joy-Cons.


The way it works is really simple. The first lesson is to make sure you hold your Joy-Con straight and upright as shown in the video, then hitting downward will hit the “don” (red) note that is the center of the drum. By hitting downward while  holding the Joy-Con diagonally will result in the “kat” (blue) note that hits the side of the rim.


For those who can’t seem to connect their notes right or are off-timing, they recommend imagining a taiko drum right in front as you hit the notes. They also recommend going with a 45-degree angle for those who struggle with the “kat” notes.


It is recommended to hit properly by snapping your wrist to hit a note. If you’re doing more of a punching motion or swinging your arms too much it won’t register the notes, so be sure to do quick flicks with your wrist instead.


Lastly, Bandai Namco recommends putting on the Joy-Con straps properly so you won’t send a Joy-Con through your TV or hit someone nearby.


Taiko no Tatsujin: Nintendo Switch Version! released today in Japan. The Southeast Asia version with English subtitles releases on August 9, 2018. In case you missed it, a rating for “Taiko no Tatsujin: Drum ‘n’ Fun! was recently found on Australia’s rating board.

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