The Taisho Alice Visual Novel Is Being Localized


taisho alice E2 Gaming has announced the localization of Taisho Alice. An otome visual novel from Primula, players step into the shoes of Arisu, walk through a mirror, and have the opportunity to romance men inspired by famous fairy tale heroines in the realm on the other side of the looking glass. Some of the available bachelors include young men named Alice, Cinderella, Gretel, Kaguya, Red Riding Hood, Snow White, and a Wizard.


The E2 Gaming Facebook page specifically mentions Taisho Alice episode 1. It notes that “Phantasia,” by Mardelas, will be the image song. On Windows PCs, Taisho Alice is split into four episodes. The first only offers Cinderella and Red Riding Hood’s routes. Episode 2 lets you romance Gretel and Kaguya. Episode 3’s bachelors are Snow White and the Wizard. Finally, the epilogue centers on Alice.


Taisho Alice is also a PlayStation Vita game in Japan, as it’s coming to the handheld on June 2, 2016. This version has all of the episodes available at once. When asked about an English release, E2 Gaming said, “We are looking at PC now. But options are open for Vita.”

Jenni Lada
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