Taito Reveals New Arcade Rhythm Game Music Diver

Music Diver - new arcade game from Taito

A new arcade rhythm game will appear in Japan. Taito revealed that it will release Music Diver for arcades in Japan in Winter 2022. The new game will generate instrument sounds as the player hits the screen.

Music Diver will feature a circular screen, and the player will hit the screen or its edge with the provided sticks. At first glance, the gameplay may look similar to Bandai Namco’s Taiko no Tatsujin series. Music Diver will distinguish itself by producing different instrument sounds based on the marker and input locations. It will generate a snare drum sound at the bottom area, hi-hat for the left, piano for the right, and guitar at the top.

Music Diver control scheme

Taito will hold the first location test for Music Diver in Yokohama and Osaka on May 27-29, 2022. The initial song list will include several Vocaloid tracks, such as “Vampire” by Deco*27 and “KING” by Kanaria. People who play the game at the location test and fill out the survey afterward will receive a pouch branded with the game’s title.

The Japanese arcade rhythm game scene is still active with new titles coming out regularly. In late 2021, Konami revealed a new camera-based dancing game titled DANCE aROUND. It officially launched the game in March 2022.

Music Diver will be available in Japanese arcades in Winter 2022.

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