Taito Sets Guinness World Record for Most Claw Crane Game Machines at a Single Venue

Taito Station Guinness World Record Claw Crane Machines

Taito is now the proud Guinness World Record-holder for the “most claw crane game machines at a single venue.” Taito Corporation set the record on August 29, 2020, when it opened the Taito Station Fuchu Kururu Shop. The venue operates a whopping total of 454 claw crane machines. [Thanks, 4Gamer.]

The above is a look at the grand opening of the record-holding Taito Station. The guy receiving the official Guinness World Record is the store manager. Fuchu mayor Norio Takano and Taito president Tetsu Yamada also appeared for the Guinness World Record ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Taito Station

As for the Taito Station shop, it was previously a toy store that sold large toys. The floor space is over 1,800 ㎡ so that’s more than enough to jam the entire place full of crane games.

Taito Station

There are countless machines with just about anything that you can imagine getting from a claw crane game including keychains, food, character goods, and more. The above image shows instant yakisoba prizes.

Taito Station

The place is basically world-class when it comes to prize variety. The areas are numbered for all the different sections.

Claw Crane Machine

There’s something for everyone, and the price range varies quite a bit as well. The above machine lets you grab sweets for 10 yen a play.

Claw Crane Machine

The shop boasts being the world’s top venue for claw crane games, so you can expect to find everything from older machines to the latest machines. In any case, it’s a must-visit location to lovers of UFO catchers.

Find out more info about the Taito Station shop at the official website.

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