Take A Look At These Two Action RPGs Announced At TGS 2015


Taiwanese studio Auer Media & Entertainment has announced two new action-RPGs due out later this year on mobile at Tokyo Game Show (thanks GameApps). The studio hopes that they prove to be examples of high-quality mobile games.


The first is played from a top-down view and is called Empire Of Angels – Lunar Phantoms. It features a range of magical girl warriors in a fantasy medieval world. You can take two girls into battle at once and switch between them to make use of their different weapons and skills. They can be trained and upgraded as you progress.


One of the game’s main features is its “drag controls.” As long as your finger is held down on the screen, the heroines will move towards it as well as attack any enemies in their view. It’s a system that was designed to avoid fatigue while playing as could happen if you had to repetitively tap to move and attack.

The second game puts the camera behind the hero and is known only as “Project S.” It’s meant to be a more hardcore experience as you need to time dodges and attacks while fighting against groups and especially against the boss monsters. It has a checkpoint system and lets you play as either a man or a woman.

Chris Priestman