All great hunters need a place to rest when they’re not hunting giant dragons (or in this case, demons). Tecmo Koei have updated the official website of their historic hunting game, Toukiden, showing the many features around the game’s main base, Utakata Village.


The Mononofu headquarters is the area of Utakata Village you’ll be visiting the most. This is where the Mononofu will be accepting their quests to subjugate demons.


On the left is the instructional area, where the head of the group, known as Yamato, conducts his business with the Mononofu. He’ll be teaching young Mononofu the basics among many other things. On the right is the study area, where researchers are constantly looking for new info regarding demons and the underworld.



In the image above on the right is the home you’ll be staying in to rest after hard fought battles against demons. You’ll be able to change your equipment and take a look at a record of all your actions at home. There seems to be a fox-like creature who has grown a liking to the Mononofu hero, that stays there to look after things, as well.



Considering the entire world is being terrorized by demons, things aren’t as lively as they could be around here, but the people do their best to live their lives in the humble village of Utakata. The Blacksmith is in charge of crafting armor and weapons for the warriors. They can also upgrade any of your current gear too.


There’s also a jack-of-all-trades shop that can extract “demon ingredients” from weapons and armor. They seem to also deal with secret items that have mysteriously been obtained by the shop keeper.


Finally, above is a booth for a temple service that manages “Mitama”, a spiritual power that can be equipped on your weapons for hidden abilities. A mysterious shrine maiden will be in charge of helping the Mononofu here.


Toukiden is slated to be released on July 27th for PSP and PlayStation Vita.


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