Take A Closer Look At Capcom And Nexon’s Street Fighter IV Arena



When we heard that Capcom’s Street Fighter IV Arena would be adapted for mobile once again by Nexon, there wasn’t much hope that it would be a fighting game. However, it turns out there’s actually plenty of fighting to be done.


The above ten-minute trailer from YouTube user MrMJY8 shows off various modes within the beta game. Most of them revolve quite heavily around getting you into a one on one match quickly. While characters you collect do play a part, it seems they’re not as big a deal as one might think.



You can also pay for powerups using in-game gold, or earn them after doing particularly well in challenges. So that may not as big a pay-to-win issue as some commentators have feared. It is worth noting though that Sagat appears to have more health than usual (the small, green bar in the hit point bar) in the early sections, which could point to buffs from character cards which he had equipped.


Characters appear to do two things: You’ll fight an opponent’s set deck of three characters, and these characters will also benefit you in certain ways such as extra health.


Street Fighter IV Arena is in closed beta on mobile now.