Take On Machines And Goliaths In Industrial Adventure-Shooter Red Cobra



Adversary Games has put its twin-stick adventure-shooter Red Cobra up on Kickstarter in order to get the funding to finish the game for Windows and Mac. There are stretch goals for PlayStation 4, Wii U, and Xbox One versions of the game.


According to Adversary, Red Cobra combines 360 degrees shooting, with environmental and boss puzzles, as well as Metroidvania-style exploration.


It takes place in a near-future in which a corporation known as G.R.I.P. (Global Repression and Imprisonment Patrol) has started to occupy nations across the world. You play an elite soldier for the Allied Nations on a suicide mission to stop a nuclear strike.


On the Dragon Mark V, a ground and air vehicle, you’re able to pick up objects to carry them to places and drop them, which seems to inform a few of the puzzles. It can also travel at high speed as well as slow right down to navigate security laser gauntlets.


Adversary has shown off a range of environments and enemies that you’ll encounter in Red Cobra, including flying machines and goliaths, and huge industrial complexes as well as moonlit mountain passes.


The Kickstarter goal for Red Cobra is $60,000, which is enough for a Windows and Mac released in May 2016. If it reaches $110,000 a PlayStation 4 version would be possible. You can get a PC copy of the game for $15.

Chris Priestman