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Take On The Role Of A Young Thor In This Cute, Lighthearted Platformer



Thor has only just received his hammer for his eighth birthday, but he can still put it to good use by throwing it at enemies in platformer Tiny Thor’s Revenge.




Thor hasn’t quite gotten used to his hammer yet in Tiny Thor’s Revenge. The weapon does try to return to him after he throws in, but things can get in the way and block its path. Clever players will be able to use this, hurling the hammer out and having it bounce around enemies and obstacles, doing extra damage.




Thor will be able to learn new abilities and find item upgrades throughout his adventure across the game’s forty stages. He’ll also be able to destroy some of his surroundings with his hammer, cutting through hidden paths to find jewels and coins.



Tiny Thor’s Revenge is slated to release on 3DS, Xbox One, PC, and mobile devices in Q3 this year.

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