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Taking On Extra Challenges In Final Fantasy XV’s Post Game


Final Fantasy XV is a huge game, but eventually you’ll come to an end. Noctis’ road trip will reach its final destination. But, that isn’t the actual end. While there isn’t a new game plus option, there are quite a few post game activities to enjoy. After defeating the game, you’ll see a save file that looks different than your other ones, signifying an opportunity to go back and go on some extra adventures.


Note: there will be Final Fantasy XV spoilers in this article.


umbra ffxv


First, you’re going to need to talk to Umbra to head back to the open world portion of Final Fantasy XV for the post game content. He’s easy to find. Send Noctis and his friends to some place they can stay, give Umbra a call, and head back to the wide open spaces. I mean, or you could ask him to give you his paw, but heading to the Lucis you remember is probably the better idea. Umbra will also be your means of heading back to Altissia too, proving this is an 11/10 pupper right here.


By the time you’re in the post game, you should have the Regalia Type-F. That’s the flying version of the Regalia we talked about not long ago. In case you’d forgotten Cindy upgrades it to this version after you take out the Niflheim’s Aracheole Stronghold in Lestallum, Fermouth Garrison in Northern Leide, and Fort Vaullerey in Old Lestallum. Once you get the parts at each one and give them to her at the Hammerhead, she’ll upgrade the car.


ffxv everyone 


Once you have that flying Regalia, you’ll be in a great place to start going into optional dungeons. You know, if you haven’t beaten Balouve Mines, Costlemark Tower, Crestholm Channels, and Daurell Caverns already. Balouve Mine is in southern Leide, near Saulhend Pass, Costlemark Tower  is open after dark and near Fallgrove, Crestholm Channels is near Insomnia, and Daurell Caverns is in southern Duscae, near the Causcherry Plains. Use this opportunity to grind, because much of the post game content advises you to have reached at least level 50. After you’ve tackled each area, visit Ezma in the Risorath Basin. She’ll give you the Menace Beneath Lucis Quest and Sealbreaker’s Key, which… sends you back into all four of those nasty places.


You’re also going to need Final Fantasy XV’s Regalia Type-F to reach Pitioss. That’s one of the other post game dungeons to explore. First, you need to go to Lestallum at night and head for the east part of town, near Tozus Counter and Culless Munitions. There’s a house there, where you can listen in at the window to acquire the Stealing the Past quest. This sends you to the Rock of Ravatogh. Taking off from there and heading north will show you a yellow landing strip. You can then go through and get a Magitek Core for the Drillbreaker Plus. Going through Pitioss while you’re there sends you through a platforming level that rewards you Noctis’ Black Hood, which lets him automatically dodge attacks. Save when you’re done, because it won’t autosave after you complete Pitioss!


While you’re in Lestallum, you may also want to look up Randolph. He’s a legendary blacksmith who will give you quests for five legendary weapons. His five quests are “A Legend Is Born,” “Dreadful Legend,” “A Legend Wrapped in an Enigma,” “Cursed Legend,” and “Wondrous Weapon.” Completing these gives you the Iron Juke two-handed sword, Dragoon Lance spear, Ziedrich shield, Soul Saber sword, and Zwill Crossblades daggers. I recommend giving Gladiolus Ziedrich, Ignis the Dragoon Lance, and let Noctis use the Soul Saber.


ffxv adamantoise


If you haven’t already beaten it, the post game is the perfect time to beat the Adamantoise. Iris starts you on this questline in Cape Caem, telling you about earthquakes and asking you to talk to Cindy at the Hammerhead. She, of course, sends you to talk to more people, which means consulting with Dave, people in the diner, and Monica. The Adamantoise wakes up, you run away, and are able to regroup at Takka’s Hammerhead diner to get the bounty for the massive boss. The best advice for the Adamantoise is to bring lots of healing items, unlock the Warp Factor Ascensions, watch to see if he’s flashing for attack signals, and be ready to send Noctis to the Warp Points on either side of his head, then use Warp Strikes to whittle down his health. Go for its feet and eyes whenever possible. Also, be prepared to fight the camera a bit, because it can be a bit problematic when you go after this big boy.


There’s plenty to do in Final Fantasy XV after the main adventures are done. These activities aren’t even counting all the additional hunts you might come across after the main game is done. Plus, we’ll be getting patches and DLC along the way. For now, enjoy delving into those challenging extra dungeons and searching for the best weapons the game has to offer.


Final Fantasy XV is available for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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