A Tale Of Survival Is A Charming Survival-Based RPG Available Now




A Tale of Survival is a new survival-based 16-bit RPG from solo developer DynamicZero. It’s available for Windows and Android for just $0.99, but you can pay more if you wish.


As you’d expect from a game that focuses on survival, you’ll be gathering resources to craft weapons, tools, and clothes while exploring the randomly generated open world.


There are dungeons to find, and inside them are a variety of nasty monsters that’ll test your skill in combat and the veracity of your weapons. Make sure you’re prepared before heading down.


If the monsters don’t kill you, then hunger or the cold might, so make sure you keep track of the needs of your character. You can go fishing, mining, hunting, and do some foraging if you wish.


As this is a survival game, permadeath is in place to punish all of those who do not take surviving seriously enough. But hey, you can still have some fun. It’s pleasant enough just being around those charming pixel art graphics.


You can purchase A Tale of Survival on right now. It’s regularly updated and the developer keeps a blog here with all the notes.

Chris Priestman
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