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Tales of Berseria Details Its Newest Characters, Setting, And Story



Bandai Namco shared the latest on their upcoming RPG Tales of Berseria with screenshots and details on the recently introduces characters Rokuro and Eleanor, and more on setting and story.


Rokuro (CV: Daisuke Kishio):003


Rokuro is a happy-go-lucky young swordsman, who is actually a Daemon but still maintains reason. He follows Velvet due to a debt he owes her after a certain incident. He greatly values the great sword on his back, which he calls “the great sword of life,” but he usually fights using dual blades.


Eleanor (CV: Ami Koshimizu):



Eleanor is part of the anti demon organization called the “Holy House” (or “Seiryo” in Japanese.) She has a kind personality to most people, but shows a cold-hearted side to those that bare teeth towards the Holy House.


Her battle-type is listed as “First Anti-Demon Warrior”. Basically, Anti-Demon Warriors (or “Taimashi” in Japanese,) use Malak for Artes to protect people from Daemons. Those who’ve suffered from Daemonblight look up to them as heroes. Velvet, who is a Daemon, is considered an enemy to Eleanor, the Taimashi. The two will go against each other in battle on numerous occasions.



In Tales of Berseria, there exists a “savior” who will bring order back to the world, and Velvet has a burning feeling of vengeance towards this person. The “Seiryou” will get in the way of Velvet from doing just that.



As Velvet goes up against the Seiryou, she’ll also find herself fighting Eleanor, the Taimashi, on several occasions.



The Malaks are a tribe who can use the power of nature. They don’t have an ego and are exploited by humans as familiar spirits. Taimashi also use them as a force to fight against Daemons. The Malak don’t always appear in the form as humans.



The disease changing people into monsters.  Most of people affected by this disease go berserk and attack people but some of them can stay rational. The disease changes the appearance of some people, but others such as Velvet and Rokuro, remain the same.



After a certain incident, Rokuro decides to follow Velvet as he feels indebted to her. He goes on about having a strong sense of duty, but he has a strange habit of never wanting to use the great sword on his back. He’s a caring individual who will follow around Velvet.



Rokurou’s sense of duty makess him feel the need to take care of Laphicet. You’ll see caring parts of him, as he advises Velvet on how to look after Laphicet.


015 016

While Eleanor will stand her ground against Velvet and the Daemon as a Taimashi, she’s a kind woman who is thoughtful of those around her. She listens to the voices of those around her, and does her best to help them out.


017 018

The Seiryou have various other Taimashi other than Eleanor dispatched to different cities and ports in order to protect people from Daemon and to maintain order of the country. These people are regarded as heroes, and their ideals have practically spread out to most of the citizens they protect.


019 020

Folks gather around minstrels, and it could have something to do with showing gratitude to the Seiryou. The other screenshot shows Rokuro explaining Velvet about the yak. There are many things to find by just walking around.


Tales of Berseria will release in 2016 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PC.

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