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Tales of Berseria Details On Its Battle System And A New Character “Laiphaset”



Bandai Namco shared the latest on Tales of Berseria recently, with some new details on the story and the introduction of a new character named Laiphaset.


The character in the above image is a young boy named Laiphaset, and was designed by Minoru Iwamoto, and voiced by Azumi Asakura. If the protagonist Velvet is considered the “shadow” then he is made to be the “light” in the story, and is expected to play a big role in the story.


Additionally, the “Linear Motion Battle System” will be evolved in Tales of Berseria. Here are some of the notes on that:


  • The character controls are based on free run.
  • Camera angles can be freely moved around during battle.
  • The Artes you want to use can be set on all four buttons of circle, X, triangle, and square, and you can do combos by combining up buttons to decide which Arte to use next.


As for the controls, they’re said to be familiar to what we’ve had in the Tales series, and described as “battles with speedy and refreshing feelings” and “controls that just about anyone can pick up and play with ease” as some of the focus.



There’s a lot more new features, including new systems that will be announced in the near future for Tales of Berseria.


Tales of Berseria is in development for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3.

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