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Tales of Berseria Protagonist’s Personality Changed Just Like The World’s Climate



Bandai Namco recently unveiled Tales of Besteria as the latest entry in their Tales series. For the first time in the series,the game will feature a main solo female protagonist. 4Gamer provides a look at some of the latest screenshots and details on the game’s setting.



Tales of Berseria is set in the sacred kingdom of Midgand, a continent located far beyond the seas. Its regions are made of several large lands and numerous archipelagos.


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The regions are said to suffer from extreme climate variations between its Northern and Southern areas, ranging from severe winters to everlasting summers.


These climates also have an impact on the cultures, building styles, and the way people live in the regions. In recent years, the entire planet has been experiencing colder weather, particularly in the Northern region, which has been buried under the snow.


Due to the harsh change of ocean current and weather on the waters, trade ships need to use a specific kind of ship to withstand these conditions, but they end up being targeted by pirates.



With towns covered in snow and islands with everlasting summer, places with autumn tints and splendid sunsets, Tales of Berseria will have a different worldview than past titles in the series.


Velvet (CV: Rina Sato):

Age: 19



Velvet was once a quiet and simple girl, who shared nothing but strong feelings and love towards her family, but after a certain incident that occurred three years piror, she completely changed.


She no longer smiles anymore, and instead, displays colder feelings such as anger and hatred. The girl who suppresses the kind and gentle part of herself in exchange for a colder passion, will be the one to shock the entire world.


Tales of Berseria is in development for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3.

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