Tales Of Crestoria Shows Off How The Justice System In This World Works


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Tales of Crestoria introduced the key terms and the justice system of the world in the latest Famitsu issue, alongside an introduction to the protagonist, Kanata Hyuga.


Check out the details below:

Vision Central

This device can be found in the plazas and churches in various villages across the world. It displays images and footage gleaned from the Vision Orb on its screen. Based on the information shown, by performing the “Prayer of Judgment” people can vote for whether the person shown is guilty or not.


Vision Orb

This object records everything the wearer sees, and displays it on the Vision Central for everyone to see. It is required by law for everyone to wear one.



Beings that come to pass judgment on criminals. When the amount of guilty votes via the Prayer of Judgment crosses a certain amount, people are branded as criminals, and a Brand of Sin will appear on their body. Then, the Enforcers will appear, and “pass judgment” on the criminals.


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This is how the justice system works in this world. Through the Vision Orb, people pass judgment on other people via the Vision Central, and Enforcers appear to take care of those branded as criminals.


Tales of Crestoria is in development for iOS and Android.

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