Tales of Crestoria Shows Off The Six Main Party Characters’ Mystic Artes


crestoria mystic

Tales of Festival 2019 began today in Japan, and Bandai Namco revealed a new special video for smartphone title Tales of Crestoria, showing off the six main playable characters’ Mystic Artes, as well as some extras.


The names of the Mystic Artes that have been revealed are as below:

Kanata: Cursed Bladeshadow

Misella: Primrose Rondo

Vicious: Persecution Complex


Check out the video below:


At the end, some familiar faces show up, being past characters from across the series, complete with their own Mystic Arte. They are key characters who will show up in the main story, but the story will still revolve around Kanata and the other criminals.


Tales of Crestoria launches for iOS and Android in 2019. More announcements for the game have been teased for tomorrow.

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