Tales Of Symphonia Fan-Made Fix Stops Stuttering Framerate, 720p Resolution Lock, And Touchscreen Laptop Crashes


tales of symphonia hd


It has been over two weeks since its release, and Tales of Symphonia is still a mess. A number of technical issues plague the JRPG, some of them even keeping people from playing on certain PCs. Durante already released a GeDoSaTo Plugin update that removed the 720p resolution lock. Now Kaldaien has released a suite of other fixes, including the resolution lock fix, for the game.


Kaldaien’s additional fixes address some rather serious problems with Tales of Symphonia. Chief among them was a problem that made the game crash when it ran on touchscreen laptops. With the mod applied, it won’t crash.


Aside from the crashing being resolved, most of the Tales of Symphonia fixes make the game look better. It remains locked at 30fps, but no longer stutters. The resolution lock is still removed and doesn’t have user interface clipping. Durante and Kaldaien both helped make the game look like it used to, with Durante adding outlines and Kaldaien making sure enemies rendered properly. It now is compatible with ReShade, with up to 7 third party DLLs able to be added. MSAA anti-aliasing support has been added.


Finally, some of the Tales of Symphonia loading issues have been addresses loading issues. Texture caching is added with the mod to decrease loading times between menus.


Tales of Symphonia is immediately available for Windows PCs. Instructions on how to install the mods are available on Steam and must be followed exactly, due to the VMProtect antipiracy measures in the game.

Jenni Lada
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