Tales Of Symphonia HD Coming The First Week Of February



Bandai Namco had offered a 2016 release window for Tales of Symphonia HD’s Windows PC release for the longest time, but now we have an exact date. The classic JRPG will come to computers the first week of February. However, the exact release date is in question. The official Tales of Symphonia HD launch trailer says it will be released February 2, but the Steam product page says the game will be available February 1. This is due to February 2 being the worldwide release date, so it may appear in some regions earlier.


Tales of Symphonia HD is the story of a young woman named Colette. She’s the Chosen, who will save the world by going on a Journey of World Regeneration pilgrimage. She’s joined by her friends Lloyd, Raine, and Genis, as well as others, on her journey. However, as she awakens Summon Spirits at each seal as part of her task, Lloyd, Colette, and the others learn unexpected truths about this task.


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The Windows PC port of Tales of Symphonia HD is an HD remaster of the game. It also offers Steam Achievements, cloud saves, and Trading Cards

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