This Tales Of VR Cafe Lets You Interact With Your Husbandos First-Hand



The Tales of series is getting an event called Tales of VR Cafe ~Mileena’s Cafe~, based on the smartphone game Tales of the Rays. The event is to be held at Namco’s ANION Station from March 1 to April 15, 2018. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]


The main selling point of the cafe is the VR interactions with Tales of characters, as well as the themed food. Visitors can choose to pay for a Light course (2800 yen) which includes one order of food or drink, plus the VR content; Normal course (3600 yen), which includes an extra VR skit; or the Special course (4800 yen), which includes a souvenir at the end.


tales cafe 8

tales cafe 9

tales cafe 10


The encounter with the Tales of characters acts like you’re a special guest at Mileena’s cafe, and several characters such as Yuri Lowell or Luke fon Fabre will sit down and talk to you.


tales cafe 19

tales cafe 20


In the special skit, a random Tales of character will sit down near you, and you can choose who they will talk with. For example, the special skit can be Mikleo talking with Asbel, but you could also choose to have Mikleo talk to Luke instead.


tales cafe 11

tales cafe 12 tales cafe 13

tales cafe 14 tales cafe 15

tales cafe 16


Food-wise, visitors can choose from the Tales series’ reoccurring mapo tofu curry rice, a chazuke rice with a soda drink, a shrimp carbonara (that Ix fished himself), a Tir Na Nog dessert platter, and finally a fruit and chocolate parfait.


tales cafe 17 tales cafe 18


Drinks based on Leon Magnus, Yuri Lowell, Luke fon Fabre, Asbel Lhant, Milla Maxwell, and Mikleo respectively (from left to right) are also available to order.


Finally, there are a bunch of souvenirs to choose from for people who choose the special course:

tales cafe 4 tales cafe 5

tales cafe 6 tales cafe 7


Tales of VR Cafe ~Mileena’s Cafe~ will be open until April 15, 2018 in Japan.

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