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Tales of the World: Reve Unitia Shows Milla Maxwell And More Familiar Faces



Bandai Namco recently shared the first trailer for Tales of the World: Reve Unitia during their Tales of Festival 2014 last weekend, where we got to see a bunch of guest characters from the Tales universe. 4Gamer gives us a look at several more in their latest report of other characters in the game.



Ludger Will Kresnik (Tales of Xillia 2)


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Ludger uses three weapons out of twin swords, twin pistols, and a hammer.


Julius Will Kresnik (Tales of Xillia 2)


002 063 

Julius the gentleman will fight using his twin swords.


Flynn Scifo (Tales of Vesperia)




019 020

Flynn will take on a tank role, as he uses his heavy armor to act as a shield for his allies.


Rubia Natwick (Tales of the Tempest)



021 022

Rubia puts her healing and offensive magic to use, making her one of the more versatile party members.


Guy Cecil (Tales of the Abyss)



023 024

Guy has low defense, but prides himself in his speed.


Norma Beatty (Tales of Legendia)



025 026

Norma’s role will be that of a buffer with debuffs for enemies and enhancements for allies.


Sophie (Tales of Graces)




027 028

Sophie uses all kinds of different artes from her “Martial Assault Artes” style.


Luke fon Fabre (Tales of the Abyss)



029 030

Luke is a power-type fighter who puts his elemental attacks to good use.


Zelos Wilder (Tales of Symphonia)



031 062

Zelos is an all-rounder, who uses various artes as a Magic Swordsman that help out in offense and defense.


Presea Combatir (Tales of Symphonia)



033 034

Presea’s role is a heavy-hitting damage dealer, who uses the power of her axe.


Rita Mordio (Tales of Vesperia)



035 036

Rita excels at doing high damage output with a large arsenal of powerful spells.


Leon Magnus (Tales of Destiny)



037 038

The hero from Tales of Destiny will show off his excellent swordsmanship in combat.


Raven (Tales of Vesperia)



039 040

Raven’s another one of the characters on the versatile side, as he uses his bow and spells, including some healing capabilities.


Colette Brunel (Tales of Symphonia)



041 042

Colette fights using her light-based magic, called Angel Skills.


Milla Maxwell (Tales of Xillia)



043 044

I’m not sure if Milla will have access to the Four Great Spirits, but she’ll be using artes from their respective elements in combat.


Cress Albane (Tales of Phantasia)



045 046

Finally, the Tales of Phantasia protagonist Cress will also be putting his hones swordsmanship to use with powerful attacks on the battlefield.


049 051

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Tales of the World: Reve Unitia will be released in Japan on October 23, 2014 for Nintendo 3DS.

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