Tales of Zestiria Gives Us A History Lesson On The World And Its Lost Tribe

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One of Tales of Zestiria’s characters, known as Miclio, is an angel-like character from the “Heavenly Tribe” that is said to have been long lost. Namco Bandai have shared an update with the back-story on the game’s world and the origins of how mankind began to worship the Heavenly Tribe.


In Zestiria’s back-story, two powerful forces known as the Highland Kingdom and the Lawrence Empire were at war in the continent of Greenwood. As the battle raged on, the hunters, farmers, merchants, artists, and just about every other person of the land suffered in various ways.


“Those who hold the inheritance of tradition in the highest regard,

those who follow the words of God from the sacred book,

The pride you hold as mankind, shall be the source of faith.”


As different beliefs began to diversify and gave birth to various cultures, civilization continued to expand. However, there was one common wonder amongst the people. Every belief in the continent of Greenwood talked about a mysterious existence, known as the Heavenly Tribe.


Those from the Heavenly Tribe cannot be touched or seen, but it is said that they have phenomenal powers that give them influence over just about everything on the planet. Mankind respects and worships those of the Heavenly Tribe, just as well as they avoid and fear them.


The Heavenly Tribe have never been seen by common folk. While they may be invisible, it is said in every belief that the mysterious beings appear in front of people, albeit extremely rarely, and the few who’ve seen them have been an influence to all beliefs around the world.


Those people signed contracts with them, as they gave their “pure minds and bodies” as a home and vessel for the Heavenly tribe, and acquired their powers. As they made an example of their extraordinary powers, the others saw them as godlike figures, and sometimes evil beings.


After some time of being awe-struck, mankind began calling these people “Monks”. These Monks became known as “the saviors who’ve been bestowed with the powers of God,” and have been regarded with just as much respect as those from the Heavenly Tribe by the beliefs.


Since then, whenever the world was at a loss, the Monks appeared, while the others continued praying for their salvation.



Tales of Zestiria is currently in development for the PlayStation 3.

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