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Tales of Zestiria Introduces The Curious Rose And The Flirty Zaveid



The cast of Tales of Zestiria consists half of heavenly beings known as Seraphs, but they all come with quite the different personalities. The latest trailer shows Zaveid, who is actually even more different than the other Seraphs. We also get a look at the new character, Rose.


Rose is a cheerful and lively girl who shares a deep connection with the Seraph, and can actually see them unlike ordinary humans. This seems to be a result of having a strong affinity with the supernatural.


In the trailer, she is shown staring at Sorey, and when asked what’s up, she says “nothing, just observing a Monk. Please don’t mind me.” She is then shown exchanging pleasantries with other members.


She also asks why does Sorey go through all the trouble, which he says is because there are people in need. She then says “I get it! I get that Sorey is a weirdo.”


Zaveid, on the other hand, is a Seraph of wind affinity, who enjoys fighting tough opponents and goes wild while fighting. He is said to have the most experience and fighting senseof all the Seraph.


His video starts out with him saying “now that there are more girls, things are looking pretty gorgeous there, Mr. Monk! You even managed to win over Edna, not bad.” The girls don’t seem to care for his attitude, but he just laughs it off.


When he’s shown shooting himself in the head in Persona-like fashion in what appears to be some sort of wind-type power up, he says “Mikleo, boy, a man’s seriousness is something you take seriously. Remember it!”


Tales of Zestiria is slated for release in Japan on January 22, 2015 for PlayStation 3.

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