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Tales of Zestiria Introduces Dezel And More Details On The Battle System



We recently got a glimpse at Dezel, the newest member of the cast in Tales of Zestiria, who happens to be another member of the Heavenly Tribe. Famitsu gives us a closer look at the character, along with a few more details on the game’s battle system.


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The above is a look at Dezel, the Heavenly Tribe member who gives off the vibe of an outlaw from the Wild West. According to this week’s Famitsu magazine, Dezel uses some sort of pendulum as a weapon and he’s a mysterious character who doesn’t talk that much.



in Tales of Zestiria, humans and Heavenly Tribe characters will have their own battle styles as part of the game’s Fusionic Chain Battle System. While both races will be able to do regular Artes, human characters specialize at Arcane Artes, those of the Heavenly Tribe at Heaven Echo Artes.


The “Around Step” that became popular with Tales of Graces will be a part of Tales of Zestiria’s battle system.



Additionally, the magazine shares a few more details on the battle system. The numbers you see by the character icons is called the “Blast Gauge,” which increases when you heal or perform defensive maneuvers.


Once the meter fills up, it can be used to recover your “Spirits Chain” or send enemies flying. Other effects can help out your defense and offense, along with others such as multiple hit actions.


The “Spirits Chain” are the bars located next to the Blast Gauge. Certain Artes use up a set amount of the SC depending on its power, and will consume it upon use. If you have leftover SC, you can use it to pull off consecutive abilities. Using this feature along with the Blast Gauge, you can work out an efficient combination of offense, defense, healing, and support.


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Finally, Famitsu shares a bit more on the game’s story. As previously reported in the history lesson of Tales of Zestiria, the Doshi (or Monk), have disappeared long ago and are being worshipped by people of the land.


Upon learning about Slay having become a Doshi and now closer to Alicia, a certain group of Ministers summon him to the palace. Slay then witnesses the dark side of human society, something that he can’t overlook…


Tales of Zestiria is currently in development for the PlayStation 3.

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