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Tales of Zestiria Shows A New Ability That Lets Slay Fuse With Heavenly Tribe Members



During the Tales of Festival 2014, Bandai Namco shared the latest trailer for Tales of Zestiria, which showed off a new feature from its Fusionic Chain Linear Motion Battle System that involves the fusion between Slay and a Heavenly Tribe character. Game Jouhou shares a few more details on this front.



The new feature called “Kamui,”  which means something along the lines of Divine Convert, allows a fusion between people and Heavenly Tribe members. While the report indicates that people and Heavenly Tribe members fuse together, we’ve only seen Slay pull it off thus far.


As shown in the top image, that’s what it looks like when Slay and Laila fuse together with Kamui, that makes them into one powerful being with the ability to control fire.



The above footage was shown during the event to further demonstrate the Kamui system. It starts out with the Slay and Laila split apart, then they activate Kamui for a single attack, only to split up again.


This ability can be activated and deactivated consecutively at any given time. There aren’t any details about limitations for the ability, but we’ll have more on it once it becomes available.


Tales of Zestiria is in development for PlayStation 3.

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