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Tales of Zestiria Whips Up Details On Dezel And Laila’s Battle Styles



In our earlier report, we got a closer look at the newest member of the cast in Tales of Zestiria. Now, we have more on the character, including a look at his battle style along with that of the fellow Heavenly Tribe member, Laila.



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As previously reported, Laila is part of a fire-element Heavenly Tribe, which also shows in her fighting style. Using a special spiritual paper as a medium, Laila can freely pull off fire attacks. The fire is efficient at binding enemies, so that helps for keeping enemies in place even after combos.


Laila excels at fire-based Heavenly Echo Artes, and can put up quite the fight in close-ranged combat.


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The Wild West Outlaw-looking Heavenly Tribe member, Dezel, fights with a special pendulum he carries around, using wind-attribute powers. He can use the pendulum as a whip to cover a wide range around him, which goes well with his keen sense of stepping in to take advantage of openings.


With wind-based Heaven Echo Artes being his main attribute, he has some Artes that can attack forward and his sides, which allows him to control a good area of the battlefield while rounding up enemies.


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Tales of Zestiria is in development for the PlayStation 3.

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