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Tales of Zestiria’s Latest DLC Focuses On Alisha And Other Characters



    While Japanese fans were pretty upset about Bandai Namco taking out Alisha from Tales of Zestiria at an early point, they’ll get to see more of her and the other characters in the game’s latest DLC which released earlier today in Japan. Here’s a look at a trailer for it.


    The “Alisha After Episode”takes place several months after Sorey gives a certain “answer,” which we can assume is a pivotal part of the story. After she leaves the party in Tales of Zestiria, she doesn’t return, so fans will get a better understanding of what happens to her next.


    The video also shows Rose, who replaces Alisha in the main game, but when she reunites with her friend, Rose acts a little different, and she doesn’t know why.


    As Alisha continues onward after leaving the group in the main story, she’s been out journeying on her own until she gets attacked by radicals, but is then saved by Rose


    While not much is known about the story and what goes in the Alisha After Episode, they say that the radicals have some sort of involvement with the Hyoma, so they’ll have to work together and figure out what’s going on. It’ll tell the tale of Alisha finding the “truth” out there, which is what she’s been looking for.


    You can also see a glimpse of Lailah and Edna in the trailer, showing all four of them fighting as a party. Perhaps that means we might see some of the other cast of Tales of Zestiria show up in some way or another in the DLC story.


    The Alisha After Episode is currently available in Japan, and will be free up until February 28th. Afterwards, it will cost 1,300 yen for the DLC.

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