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Tales of Zestiria’s Latest Footage Introduces Us To The New Characters



In Bandai Namco’s latest NicoNico livestream episode for Tales of Zestiria, producer Hideo Baba shared more footage from the game, including a look at some more gameplay and an introduction to the two newest characters.



The first video shows Renard, the cold-blooded assassin who is a member of a dark guild called the “Bone of Wind”. As you can easily tell by his voice, he’s considered a psychopath, and has actually been completely transformed into a Hyoma due to his dark heart.



Simone is a mysterious Seraph, but unlike the others of her kind, she doesn’t follow a Doshi and acts on her own. She looks pretty young, but talks like a much more mature lady with spiritual enlightenment.


As far as her personality goes, she’s cynical and has a sharp tongue. She’ll show up throughout Sorey’s journey to taunt him and the others for doing what she considers a useless effort.



Sergei Strelka is the leader of the Laurence Empire’s knights. He’s well-respected by his subordinates due to his loyalty to the empire and great devotion to the people.


He’s a hot-blooded soldier and is quite the force in the battlefield. While it seems like he’s not able to see the Seraphs, he’s still able to respond to their attacks that would normally be invisible to the average person.



The next video is a look at Sorey taking on the Dungeon of Trail, where he puts various elemental powers to use in order to solve puzzles and advance through the areas.



It’s always fun to mess around in Tales games with the Attachment feature that lets you see characters wearing funny accessories even during cut-scenes. The above video shows us an example of what some of them look like in Tales of Zestiria.



Normins are considered “Normin Seraphs,” as they’re smaller Seraphs and not that strong. However, finding them will give you some great benefits, and they can be found throughout the entire world.


Tales of Zestiria is slated for release in Japan on January 22, 2015 for PlayStation 3.

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