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Tales of Zestiria’s Third Trailer Introduces New Character Zabeeda



Bandai Namco’s annual Tales of Festival started not too long ago, and the publisher showed off the latest trailer for Tales of Zestiria, revealing the newest character Zabeeda, who looks to be a villain standing in the way of Slay and friends. Game Jouhou shares a look at the trailer and more.



The trailer starts out with a look at Slay and Miclio encountering Zabeeda, who seems to know about Slay being a Monk (Doushi). He then mysteriously pulls out a gun and shoots himself… in the head… hmm.


Slay then narrates how the world has many legends that have yet to be revealed, and that they are not journeying for the purpose of being Doushi, but for themselves.


Next, they show Alicia asking Slay if she can be his retainer. After getting help from Laila, it appears that Alicia is then able to see those of the Heavenly Tribe. The video then gives us a closer look at all the other Heavenly Tribe characters, followed by a look at some battle scenes.


If you’re wondering about what’s going with Slay at the 2:18 mark, it’s a new ability that involves fusing with a character from the Heavenly Tribe, and control their elemental attribute at will.


After seeing the party run into more trouble with Zabeeda, the trailer ends with a first look at a dragon, which is one of the game’s key features, as seen on the logo.


Tales of Zestiria is currently in development for PlayStation 3.

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