Talk to Animals, Go On Dates, Take Down Food Conglomerates In VN Animalia Vengeance


Aiden loves animals, and his life’s work has lead him to create some incredible advances in lab-grown meat and tools to speak with animals. This has earned him many enemies in the farming industry and within his own company, but with the help of some animal pals and some potential love interests, he still may make life better for people and animals in visual novel Animalia Vengeance.


Players will find themselves conversing with many different people throughout Animalia Vengeance. After saving a pigeon and rat from a hawk, players will find themselves chatting with the unlikely pair of sidekicks, chumming around with them for most of the game. They’ll also be carrying on conversations with several possible love interests and friends, choosing to get closer to them over the course of the game. Players will also find themselves in tense talks with their opponents in the farming industry and food conglomerates, as well as the backstabbers who are working within Aiden’s company.

In these conversations, players will be able to make decisions that will affect their relationships with those characters, as well as the course of the game’s plot and conclusion. Based on what they choose, players may be able to use what they learn from the animals to make things better, find someone to love, or leave their company in ruins from failing to see who was plotting against them.


Animalia Vengeance is currently in development, but a free demo is available on

Alistair Wong
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