Nintendo 3DS

Tank Troopers Trailers Demonstrate Special Abilities For Its Heroes



Nintendo released their new tank action 3DS eShop title, Tank Troopers, in Japan today, and they’ve been sharing videos to demonstrate special abilities for the game’s 13 Troopers.


Since Nintendo has yet to upload a video for all the characters, we’ll go ahead and detail the ones available for now.


Tank Kid

Enhances radar with the ability to find hidden enemies and items. It also doubles the amount of gold acquires.



Ability to electrocute enemies to stun for a short period of time, making them easier to shoot down.


Lana Run

Lana allows you to perform dash maneuvers with your tank. This is useful for chasing down enemies while on the attack.


Mark Pain

Mark Pain can basically go Splatoon and hit enemies with paint balls to mess up their vision for a short period of time.



Aroma is one for you healers out there, as she’s able to recover her own health and those of nearby allies.


Power Dan

As his name suggests, Power Dan is able to increase the power of his tank shots, making him one of the bigger powerhouse characters.


Tank Troopers is available in Japan for Nintendo 3DS.

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