Tap My Katamari Has Lots In Common With Cookie Clicker



Bandai Namco’s latest Katamari Damacy game has more in common with Cookie Clicker and Tap Heroes than other entries in the series. Tap My Katamari is a clicker title, which was hinted at by the title. To play, a person taps the katamari to roll it. It then heads down a predetermined path, grabbing household items, then later outdoor and legendary creatures once it’s big enough to leave the house and neighborhood.


Aside from clicking, players can earn coins as they play Tap My Katamari. This allows people to level up the Prince and specific abilities to increase the power of the katamari. For example, the Charge ‘n’ Roll ability adds 12x the power with every tap. These come in handy during Time Attack Challenges, where players are tasked with rolling as much as possible as quickly as possible for a brief amount of time.


Tap My Katamari has an assortment of characters and items available to start. There are also 35 cousins to collect and 60 items to roll up as players go through challenges to reach certain katamari sizes in each level. Cosmetic items, known as Cosmic Presents, are doled out by the King of the Cosmos for restoring stars.


Tap My Katamari has begun appearing in Australian and European app stores. It’s expected to debut on iTunes and Google Play imminently for all Apple iOS and Android devices.

Jenni Lada
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