Target Leak Reveals Lego Overwatch Sets


lego overwatch tracer vs widowmaker


Images and information regarding six of the upcoming Lego Overwatch sets have leaked. Previously, Tracer and other minifigs were teased and an Omnic Bastion set was revealed ahead of BlizzCon 2018. Now, a Target leak has resulted in images for six sets showing in the wild. (Thanks, The Brick Fan!)


Here is a list of the six sets and what each one consists of.


  • Lego Overwatch Bastion: This is a 602 piece set that lets you build Bastion and Ganymede in his standard or turret form. It will allegedly be $49.99.
  • Lego Overwatch Dorado Showdown: This is a 419 piece set with McCree, Reaper, and Soldier: 76 minifigs, and part of the Dorado map setting. It will allegedly be $29.99.
  • Lego Overwatch D.Va and Reinhardt: This is a 455 piece set that lets people build D.Va’s mech and Reinhardt’s armor. t will allegedly cost $39.99.
  • Lego Overwatch Hanzo vs. Genji: This is a 197 piece set with Genji and Hanzo minifigs, a security agent minifig and the Hanamura altar with sword. It will allegedly be $14.99.
  • Lego Overwatch Tracer vs. Widowmaker: This is a 129 piece set with Tracer and Widowmaker minifigs and a small jet for Tracer. It will allegedly be $14.99.
  • Lego Overwatch Watchpoint: Gibraltar: This is a 730-piece set with Mercy, Pharah, Reaper, and Winston minifigs and part of the Watchpoint: Gibraltar map. It will allegedly be $89.99.


The release dates for the sets have not been revealed, though the images do show how they look and what comes in them.


lego overwatch watchpoint gibraltar lego overwatch bastion box lego overwatch bastion lego overwatch dorado showdown box lego overwatch dorado showdown lego overwatch dva and reinhardt box  lego overwatch hanzo vs genji box lego overwatch hanzo vs genji lego overwatch tracer vs widowmaker box lego overwatch watchpoint gibraltar box lego overwatch dva and reinhardt


Overwatch is available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. BlizzCon 2018 will be held November 2-3, 2018.

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