Team Ladybug’s Touhou Luna Nights Crosses 100,000 Downloads; Here’s A Special Message


touhou luna night

This past week, Team Ladybug’s Touhou fangame, Touhou Luna Nights, crossed 100,000 downloads on Steam, reaching the milestone in a significantly short four months since its launch in February 2019.


The developers at Team Ladybug left the following message on the game passing the milestone below:

To be honest, we are truly surprised by all the support we’ve received from so many players out there. We are extremely happy to see how much players like the graphics and game systems we’ve worked so hard to create. From here on out, we will continue to strive to create games enjoyable by both children and adults alike, and we greatly appreciate your invaluable and ongoing support.

-Team Ladybug


Additionally, a minor update that adds German language support has been added, as well as fixes to the Dash. Earlier this month, the game received its final large update that added a Boss Rush mode, and a bonus boss against Touhou series main protagonist Reimu.


Touhou Luna Nights is available for PC via Steam.

Alistair Wong
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