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Team Sonic Racing Introduces The Piping-Hot Hidden Volcano Course


hidden volcano 1

Sega has released more info on a new track in Team Sonic Racing that has Sonic and friends driving through a dangerous magma cavern in pursuit of glory – Hidden Volcano.


hidden volcano 2 hidden volcano 3

The course takes place in the inner recesses of the ice-covered Glacier Land. The insides of the ice mountain are home to a twisting course made complicated by molten rocks. The course calls for technique, with its slippery ice roads and platforms that form from the crumbling road. Right past the starting line is a magma giant that will use its fists to punch the road and any unfortunate racers.


One of the ways to pass by the giant safely is by speeding past utilizing the Line Boost from teammates. Players also will jump over the giant’s head, where performing stunts can earn players a Boost Dash to take the lead.


hidden volcano 4 hidden volcano 5

Magma flows out into several parts of the course. It won’t hurt the player but will slow down the car if you touch it, so tread carefully. Using Technique-type characters like Tails will help you through the hazard.


Magma will also burst out onto the course from the sides.


hidden volcano 6 hidden volcano 7

The magma surrounded by crystallized ice makes for beautiful scenery, but don’t spend too much time looking, as the roads are quite narrow.


Team Sonic Racing releases for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC on May 21, 2019. Check out the Doctor’s Mine racetrack that’s set on Planet Wisp in our previous report here.

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