Tears Of Avia Trailer Focuses On Its Tragic Backstory

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Turn-based tactical RPG Tears of Avia is now up on Steam Greenlight and with it comes the game’s first trailer.


The trailer focuses on the RPG’s backstory with a voiceover from the powerful mage who was forced to cast a spell to end a demonic invasion, which caused an entire city to freeze over, including his love Avia. The game has you helping out this mage hundreds of years later to finally find a way to bring back his love.


You can also see the game itself in action for the first time in this trailer. As you’ll see, the focus of the battle system is allowing you to choose who you want on your team and what skills they’re using. The game has hundreds of different skills but restricts you to bringing just five into battle with you. Previously, the game’s creator released a web-based skill builder to give you an idea of how it all works.


It’s also been revealed that Tears of Avia will have a dynamic story that will be affected by which characters you choose to bring with you. The various personalities in your party will create different tensions and unique dialog between each other.


“Furthermore, stories are related between the characters which can unlock side content in a more natural and fluid way than traditional RPG’s where you have to seek a quest starter and then perform a series of chores,” write the game’s creators.


A Kickstarter is currently being prepared to fund the development of Tears of Avia.

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