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Tears of Avia Will Take People on a New Tactical Adventure in 2020


PQube will be publishing Coo Coo Squeaky’s upcoming strategy-RPG on the Xbox One and PC. Tears of Avia is on the way. This adventure will take people into a world called Estera. As expected from a tactical game, it is at war, and players’ actions and party composition will determine which endings you could possibly earn.

In Tears of Avia, people can recruit members from both of the city-states fighting each other and build them up, having them some of the over one hundred skills in the game. You’ll make decisions as you play, determining your reactions to situations, and the people you have collected will interact with one another and influence the story.

A few of the Tears of Avia characters have been revealed. Iris is one of the mages you might recruit. She’s focused on becoming more powerful. Kai is an honorable warrior. Momoko is an Esteran priestess determined to find the good in everyone. This might put her at odds with Reina, who is a ranger who always wants proof and the truth. Finally, Raul is a brawler who is looking to be the life of the party and enjoy himself.

Tears of Avia will come to the Xbox One and PC in Summer 2020.

Jenni Lada
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