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Tears to Tiara II’s Evil Empire Enemies Are A Scientist And A Barbarian


029 (2)Aquaplus’ upcoming strategy RPG, Tears to Tiara II, is centered around a fallen prince named Hamil and a goddess named Tart who must lead a rebellion against an evil empire. Along the way, they will have to defeat many enemies in the Imperial Army, including these two characters whom you may remember from the opening animation.



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Aemilia is an official of the technology bureau responsible for the industrialization of the empire and knowledgable in financial affairs. She thinks of herself as a genius and is passionate about her job, believing that the advancement of technology is the source of humanity’s happiness.


For the sake of her job, she dresses as a man. The empire is in the process of becoming a theocracy, and many members of her bureaucracy share the same beliefs as Aemilia, yet they keep their distance from her.



004 (2) 030 (1)

Golyat is the fearless commander of the army guarding the Histel River basin on the eastern border of the empire. He lives to fight and battles the savage tribes of the outskirts day and night. He used to be a subordinate of Saul, who guards the Renus River basin on the western border.


While fighting savages, he picked up their habit of decapitating enemies’ heads and carrying them around. As you can guess, he bears incredible physical strength, but he can also be cunning and resourceful.


Tears to Tiara II will be released for the PlayStation 3 on October 24.