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Tecmo Koei Blog – Fist Of The North: Ken’s Rage’s Dream Mode And DLC


Hey guys. Hisashi Koinuma here again to share some more Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage goodness with all of you! I’m really glad you guys enjoyed my first entry and felt the same excitement and passion that we felt for this series. It was really good to see so many of you get excited about the game and I hope that you all gave it a shot when it launched on November 2.


OK, getting down to business…today I want to share two more game features with you so stay tuned and don’t change the…uhm…channel?


PS3_HMusouCapture011 PS3_HMusouCapture016


Last time I talked about the game’s main mode called the Legend Mode which will take players through the original story as seen in the Fist of the North Star’s source material. However…hold your breath…(you may exhale now)…there is a secondary mode called Dream Mode. As the name may suggest, the mode presents a ‘what if’ story which gives you an opportunity to experience never before experienced imaginary events and endings from the Fist of the North Star universe. Fans of the series will definitely enjoy seeing alternate outcomes for their favorite characters. I don’t want to spoil the experience for you too much so I’ll restrain myself for now… Unlike the Legend Mode which was built from ground up to accommodate an action-adventure engine, we felt that giving players a different experience through a secondary mode would give everyone a more fun and lasting gameplay experience. When we took a look at the world of Fist of the North Star and compared it to our Warriors games we felt that the two complemented each other flawlessly so we decided to give you a taste of tactical action in a post-apocalyptic world…and coupled with the fact that you can play 2-Player local co-op in this mode it makes it even more…SWEET!


OK, for the second piece of candy, we’ve prepared heaps of DLC bonus content for everyone to enjoy. You’ll have the chance to play as one of the common bad guys and experience the world from a slightly different perspective. We are also giving you a chance to experience the battle as the massive, destructive character called Heart and go on a rampage to annihilate everyone! Apart from the extra characters we are giving you a chance to download the original character costumes from the source material and some other sweet-looking costumes. And for the delicious, frosty icing on the cake, we’ll be giving you new scenarios to play in as well. So there you have it!


PS3_HMusouCapture024 PS3_HMusouCapture025 PS3_HMusouCapture027 PS3_HMusouCapture019


Thanks heaps for tuning in to the blog. It was a real pleasure to talk to all of you about the game and I hope we have another chance to talk like this in the near future…unless…YOU’RE ALREADY DEAD! ATATATATATATATATATATA!!!!



Hisashi Koinuma - Producer