Teddy Terror Turns Pac-Man Into A Child’s Nightmare



If you took the top-down maze of Pac-man, replaced the iconic yellow muncher with a little boy, and the ghosts with the terrifying manifestations of that kid’s nightmares, you’d have something that resembles Teddy Terror.


It’s a 2D horror survival game in which you play a young boy who must use his teddy bear and the environment to survive his nightmare. This involves what the team is calling a “passive-aggressive” play style that mostly involves activating various traps (spikes, laser beams, swinging blades) around the maze to slay the monsters.


Of course, the risk here is that you can end up hurting yourself with those same traps, or that you misfire with the trap meaning that the monster is able to continue pursuing you, now a lot closer than you’d normally let it get. And there’s permadeath in this game so all the progress (including levelling up the boy) you’ve made will be lost if the munching teeth and gross eyeballs do get to the little boy. Oh, but it you do manage to successful slay the monsters then you’re rewarded candy to collect, instead of yellow pellets, I guess.



Unlike Pac-man, Teddy Terror uses random generation to vary up the items and toys that are available to you, as well as the layout of the levels and their traps, along with the enemies and big bosses that you’ll have to face. It’s a bid to make the game both replayable as well as consistently unexpected and therefore scary.


The team is looking to make a demo of Teddy Terror publicly available in May. It’s currently up on Steam Greenlight and you can also grab the original prototype on Game Jolt.

Chris Priestman