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Tekken 7 Rematch Function And Input Lag Reduction Fix In The Works; Geese Howard Arriving Soon



The Noctis announcement took us all by surprise at the Tekken World Tour Finals this weekend, but series producer Katsuhiro Harada also had a little more to share on updates they’re working on.


Starting at around the 6:48:30 mark of the broadcast Harada and Project Tekken’s Michael Murray update us on when we might see Geese Howard join the game other than the Winter 2017 window we have so far. Harada says that the latest build was made available to check out for those who attended the Tekken World Tour Finals and it is quite far along. For now they’re only waiting on first-party approval and it shouldn’t take much longer.


Next up, Harada says that he’s received several requests to add a rematch function, and that it is currently in the works.


He then touched up on the issue with input lag for Tekken 7, saying that he couldn’t talk about it earlier due to first party and engine reasons, but was able to take this occasion to share more with the more hardcore fans at the event.


According to Harada, the Tekken Team was able to reduce the input lag by two frames, but this has gone practically unnoticed. Since then, the team has been in contact with Unreal Engine developer Epic Games who are working on fixing the issue on their end.


While they couldn’t share when the input lag reduction will arrive, it is estimated to be available within the year, so you can expect to see much less input delay for tournaments next year.


Bonus: You can check out the Noctis reveal reaction from the audience at the 6:54:53 mark of the broadcast.


Tekken 7 is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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