Tekken: Bloodline Anime Opens in August

Tekken: Bloodline

Tekken: Bloodline, Netflix’s animated take on the hit fighting game series, opens on August 18, 2022. That’s the reveal from the show’s latest trailer, uploaded to Netflix’s official YouTube channel.

Check it out below.

Tekken: Bloodline appears to function as an origin story of sorts for Jin Kazama, son of Tekken icon Kazuya Mishima and Jun Kazama. Jin first appeared in Tekken 3 and quickly took his place as one of the main characters of the series alongside his father and Heihachi Mishima, his grandfather.

The Tekken: Bloodline trailer shows a Jin haunted by the loss of his mother to Ogre. He approaches Heihachi to learn Mishima-style karate. He meets characters like Paul Phoenix, Nina Williams, King, and other Tekken alumni. The trailer even sets up a battle between Jin and Leroy Smith, who first appeared in Tekken 7. This encounter would mark the first chronological point in which Leroy appears in the Tekken storyline.

When Tekken: Bloodline appears on Netflix, it’ll have a full English dub option available. This is something of a departure from the way Tekken has handled voice acting. As far back as 2001’s Tekken 4, Tekken titles have generally opted against dubbing every character into a single language. Instead, many characters (though not all), speak their native language in cutscenes. The script simply treats everyone as being able to understand each other perfectly. For example, in Tekken 7, Heihachi speaks Japanese, while Nina, his employee, speaks English. Meanwhile, exorcist Claudio Serafino speaks his native Italian. This treatment seems unique to the mainline games, though. Spin-offs like the Tekken: Blood Vengeance and Tekken: The Motion Picture animated films or Tekken pachislot titles use single-language voice tracks.

Tekken: Bloodline premieres on Netflix on August 18, 2022. Tekken 7 is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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